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Need a new look?
Color transformations are very popular. Whether you are looking for a hip, sassy color, or dying to get rid of that old gray hair, we can help you get it arranged.

Read some of our articles that we feel are important for the customer to know before dying their hair.
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Making an appointment is recommended.
Due to the amount of work required to do most color transformations, it is recommended to make appointments ahead of time. Weekdays are a very good time, especially on Mondays.

Here are a few examples of color transformations:

  • Blondes
  • Brunettes
  • Red Heads
  • Natural Colors
  • Highlights
  • Heavy
  • Medium
  • Light

Streaks - Young & Hip
Streaks are very popular amongst many teenagers. It is popular among latinas, caucasians women, and some men also get them. Streaks can be coordinated with more than one color.

  • One Color
  • Two Colors
  • MultiColors

Cosmetic Tattoos - Permanent Make-up
The new and easy way of applying make-up that is growing rapidly in the cosmetics industry. Our generation has a very hard working class that doesn't allow many people to apply make-up in the morning. That is why cosmetic tattooing has become increasing popular and is changing the way many women wake up in the morning.
Read more about it on web md's news article.

Where can cosmetic tattooing be done?

  • Eyebrow
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips

Price varies according to style, length, and type of hair. Get a ball park figure of cost.
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View pictures and photos of different hair coloring.
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