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Hair Cuts - Recent Trends

Regular Hair Cuts - The Conservative Haircut

Model Hair Cuts

These hair cuts are formal haircuts, for conservative clients. This cut is preferably good for all males of any age. It is popular amongst older men, and gives a proffesional and plain look. Not too extravagant, but just what you're looking for.

Elena - Hair Cut

Mushroom Cut - Full Hair, Full Volume

This hairstyle is usually for women although there are some men that request for this. It is very short from the bottom inside sections of the head and is long on the top parts of the head. We leave it long enough to make it seem fuller with volume yet short enough to stay up and bend to the back for a very nice look.

Razorfade - The Teenager Fad!

This is what is in style right now, especially for tenagers! The hair cut embodies a very clean cut around the sides to where almost all hair is cut and fades into the top section of the head leaving a very clear, clean, proffesional look. (Picture on right.)

Flat Top - The Army Man's Haircut

It's a flat hairstyle. Usually it is square or oval on the sides but either way, the haircut looks nice. The bottom depends on the client's request. There are gears such as half zero, duble zero, or razored which is a nice and has a neat hairstyle. (Picture on left.)

Freestyle - Stylish and Unique

There are many people that walk into the salon nowadays and ask, do you guys do this? The answer is YES! We do it all. From mini trail designs to mohawks and everything in between. Lately, mohawks have been a popular selection for the guys. There is also the ring of fire haircut in which only a strip line of hair is left on the outer top rim of the head spiked up.

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