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Special Occasions - Make An Appointment

Need to look sharp for that special event?
Estetica Super Kuts is here to help! When there is a special occasion to be attended and time is of essence, we strive for excellence and beauty through hard work and dedication. We will wake up early in the morning if we have to or close late!

Special Occasions

Steps for a smooth appointment:

  1. Call (713) 433-1686 or (281) 701-2117
  2. Schedule a time and day.
  3. Call back for any updates or changes if need be. (Things usually don't go as planned)
  4. Show up and let the stylists work their magic!

Important Information:
All hairstyles require for the customer to come prepared. That's why we recommend the customer to have his/her hair dry, free of moose, hairspray, gel, oil, or any kind of hair care products.

Types of Special Occasions:

  • Weddings
  • Fifteens
  • Graduations
  • Baptisms
  • Birthdays
  • Other Events

Free Hairstyle for Special Occasion!
Directions: If you recommend six customers to be serviced for a hair-do, you will receive a free hair style, free of charge. Compliments of the staff!

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